4 Easy Ways To Get Yourself Recognised

3 years ago

Are you doing enough to promote yourself? Are you a key member of the team? – If not…what are you doing about it?

Aiming to become indispensable and the “go to” person who consistently performs to highlight your talent and enthusiasm for the benefit of yourself, team members and the business is all down to you.

Managers know which employees genuinely put in the hard yards and go the extra mile and those who merely pay lip service to it. The values and culture of an organisation should promote and harness people development and recognise and reward individuals who succeed, but if it’s not naturally happening in your workplace environment, here are a few pointers on how you can get yourself recognised in an organisation and make yourself indispensable.


Look to ways of constantly improving yourself
Ambition is an incredible trait that all businesses want in their employees. By improving and expanding your skill set you are letting your manager know how ambitious you are. Being naturally very good at the job inevitably can make you become complacent. Embracing new concepts, ideas and looking at ways to make improvements to systems, processes and people shows you want to be better. Always show you have other strings to your bow- get involved, go on training courses, say yes more often and learn new skills.


Look at ways to constantly improve the business
How can the business move forward? Can you be instrumental in helping the business achieve a dream goal, vision, and objective? Find a way to streamline a process, increase a revenue stream, save on a cost – use your initiative to drive ideas forward. This demonstrates your commitment and enthusiasm of the company you work for and how much you can contribute to the bigger picture. Take on added challenges, put in a few extra hours and never say “That’s not in my job description”


Become the Expert!
Are you the “Go To” person in the organization? Are you the one who people always ask for your opinion, help or ideas? The one everyone wants to be around, the one who projects positive energy and not the one to complain or criticize their manager or the direction of the company.

The old saying goes…ask a busy person to ensure what you need doing gets done! Whatever your specialism is, identify an area of the business which ensures you become the expert and the person everyone goes to for help. This lets your manager know what your personal value is to them, the team and the business.


Accept Feedback…from everyone!
Remember that being a team player is a critical part of most jobs, particularly in the service sector. Team players show they have their colleagues and managers best interests at heart.

No one is ever the finished article and perfect person. It’s impossible for anyone to be right all of the time. The very best people are the ones who are willing to listen to advice and accept other points of view from both senior and junior colleagues.  Be confident in yourself but also be willing to listen to other people opinions and views. Listening to thoughts, ideas and feedback from others is a great skill to adopt.


At Cummins Mellor we all share a set of core values which ensure everybody knows how to make a positive impact to the team – WHO CARES WINS!


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