The Lates Employment Figures March-May14

The Latest Employment Figures

The Latest Employment Figures March- May 14PC4C8737

The government have just released these statistics in regards to employment figures throughout the months March to May, these figures show promising results and bring a positive insight in what’s to come in the future of recruitment.

  • Comparing Dec 13 – Feb 14 with March 14 – May 14 employment has continued to rise as unemployment has fallen; these changes are reflective of the last two years
  • There were 30.64 million people in work throughout these months; this is 254,000 more than that in December. This is also 929,000 more than the year earlier
  • There are more people aged from 16 to 64 in work and this is continually rising reaching 73.1% for the months March- May. In December 2004 to Feb 2005 and since 1971 it has never been higher
  • In the months March to May there were 2.12 million unemployed people this is 121,000 less than Dec-Feb14 and is also 383,000 fewer than the year before that
  • The unemployment rate continued to fall hitting 6.5% this is the lowest since October-Dec 2008
  • There was also 8.78 million people ‘economically inactive’- those out of work and not seeking or are available for employment. This was 67,000 fewer than for Dec – February 2014 and a further 258,000 fewer than the year before
  • The proportion of people aged 16 to 64 who were ‘economically inactive’ continued to fall and reached 21.7% the last time this percentage was reached was July to September 1990
  • Pay, including bonuses for employees in Great Britain was 0.3% higher than the year earlier, with pay excluding bonuses 0.7% higher

These figures are both reassuring and promising for recruitment companies everywhere and highlights the hard work put in daily.

Helen Jackson, Head of Recruitment at Cummins Mellor commented on the figures:
‘These figures show unemployment is the lowest it’s been in nearly 6 years. More people have the security of a job than ever before, for us as an employment agency it follows the trend we have witnessed in the increase of permanent vacancies across all sectors, which is of course great for the candidates and also for the wider economy.’


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