Apprentice Profile - National Apprentice Week 2014

Apprentice Profile – Alice Wrigley

Alice Wrigley Former Moder Apprentice Name: Alice Wrigley
 Age: 21
 Joined Cummins Mellor: August 2008 (Aged 16)
 Studied: NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Business Administration

Alice’s Story

Alice began her career with Cummins Mellor as an Administration Apprentice at 16, she was awarded Training 2000’s Apprentice of the Year in 2009. 6 years later she is now  the Operations Manager of our DBS Checking division and manages a  team of 7.

 What made you decide to enter into an apprenticeship?
“I wanted to start work straight away after I left School and to gain experience but also study for an NVQ qualification”

 What did you enjoy the most about being a Cummins Mellor Apprentice?
“Gaining qualifications and on the job experience at the same time as earning a wage. Learning all about how a business works from a young age has also helped me get to where I am today”

 Are there any disadvantages to being an Apprentice?
“No, I didn’t come across any.”

 What advice would you give to somebody considering an apprenticeship?
“Work as hard as you can and expose yourself to as many situations possible – soak it all in and push yourself out of your comfort zone.”



Alice Wrigley How did you hear about Apprenticeships?
“When I was still at school a couple of Training Providers came in to explain Apprenticeships to us”

 Do you know anybody else who was an apprentice at the same time as you? How did  their experience differ to yours?
 “Yes a colleague of mine did an Apprenticeship at the same time as me, through a  different training provider, it was the same except his took a lot longer than mine”

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