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Apprentice Profile – Ryan Sidley

ryan sidley modern apprenticeName: Ryan Sidley
Age: 23
Joined Cummins Mellor: May 2008 (Aged 18)
Studied: NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Business Administration

Ryan’s Story

Ryan began studying for his A Levels but realised that he didn’t want to continue in full time education. He registered with a local training provider who recommended him to us – and we’re glad they did! Ryan is now a Business Development Manager in our DBS Checking department.

 What made you decide to enter into an apprenticeship?
“I wanted to experience a working environment whilst gaining qualifications and experience. I wasn’t enjoying college and didn’t want to stay in mainstream education.

 What did you enjoy the most about being a Cummins Mellor Apprentice?
” The fact I could see myself improving each day. It was such a steep learning curve and being in a working environment is so vastly different to being in education. I was treated like an adult for the first time, and I really  enjoyed the sense of responsibility.”

 Are there any disadvantages to being an Apprentice?
“It was very daunting at the beginning of my apprenticeship as it is very different from being at school or college. I went from spending all day with my college friends to working with older professionals

 What advice would you give to somebody considering an apprenticeship?
 “I would definitely recommend apprenticeships! They allow you gain valuable work experience whilst gaining qualifications and earning money at the same time. You will      ryan sidley apprentice learn so much during an apprenticeship, particularly at the beginning, and the opportunities are endless. You can undertake an apprenticeship in just about anything
so there is bound to be something that interests you.”

 How did you hear about Apprenticeships?
“Through my local ‘Connexions ‘ office.”

 Do you know anybody else who was an Apprentice at the same time as you? How did  their experience differ to yours?
 “Yes. There were a number of Apprentices taken on at Cummins Mellor at the same time  as me and they found it just as useful as I did. Many of the current staff here  started out  as Apprentices and have worked their way up.”

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