Apprentice Profile - Polly Brindle -

Apprentice Profile – Polly Brindle

polly brindle modern apprentice Name: Polly Brindle
Age: 35
Joined Cummins Mellor: August 1994 (Aged 16)
Studied: NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Business & Finance

 Polly’s Story

Polly carried out her Apprenticeship with Cummins Mellor and after 5 years, left to pursue a career in travel, she then came back to Cummins Mellor in October 2012 and  is now a Senior Administrator in our DBS Checking division.

 What made you decide to enter into an apprenticeship?
“I decided that I had had enough of education and wanted to get stuck into the working life.  However, I still wanted to gain a qualification so decided that the best route  would be an  apprenticeship.”

 What did you enjoy the most about being a Cummins Mellor Apprentice?
 “I Gained valuable experience in the workplace whilst gaining a qualification which a lot of individuals miss out on by studying permanently. This can then cause further  problems as a lot of companies that want you to have    work  experience before employing someone.

 Are there any disadvantages to being an Apprentice?
“No, I didn’t come across any

 What advice would you give to somebody considering an apprenticeship?
 “Go for it and get stuck it!  Soak up all the valuable experience and knowledge that the employer passes on.”

How did you hear about Apprenticeships?
“From a friend who was carrying out an apprenticeship at the time, I went straight the their office and was found a placement within the week (Lucky)”

Do you know anybody else who was an apprentice at the same time as you? How did their experience differ to yours?
“I know a few people who went into apprenticeships through other training providers and the timescale differed for the course which was frustrating for them.”

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