Phone Etiquette in the Workplace

Phone Etiquette in the Workplace

There is a right and wrong way to talk on the workplace telephone regardless of whether you work in an office, call centre, garage etc.  Whoever makes or takes a call becomes the face and voice of the company and how you handle the call from start to finish will leave a neutral, good or bad taste in the customer’s mouth.  If a call turns sour you could lose business, therefore it is best to ensure that every call made or received is handled in a professional and respectful manner.

 When making calls ensure the following:

  • Courteous try not to call too early in the morning or indeed too late in the evening and avoid meal times where possible
  • Informative – ensure you give the recipient your name/company and reason for calling
  • Polite – just as important over the phone as face to face
  • Voice Quality – speak clearly and concisely – regional accents can be difficult to understand.  Enunciate your words clearly and avoid slang or jargon such as ‘yeah’ or ‘gonna’
  • Pitch – the telephone carries your voice at its natural volume and pitch so try not to shout

 When taking calls ensure the following:

  • Professional – choose a standard professional sounding greeting ensuring you give your name and company name. Branding calls lets a customer know he/she dialled the right number and secondly, it prevents your company from appearing amateurish
  • Personable and friendly attitude – puts the caller at ease
  • Smile as you speak – this will make you sound happy and upbeat and prevent you sounding bored, dry or monotone
  • On hold – if this is necessary ask their permission first and keep the time to a minimum
  • End of call – thank the caller for their time and ask if there is anything else you could assist with – this will leave the caller feeling happy and appreciated

Keep in mind, the sale begins with “Good morning, thank you for calling…….”.  Remember a friendly, pleasant, warm and cheerful voice could be all the caller needs to choose you over a competitor!

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