Employees Working from Home -

Employees Working from Home

working from homeWorking from home is becoming increasingly more popular due to various reasons including time and cost constraints as well as environmental considerations.

There are many benefits in allowing employees to work from home on a full or part-time basis – some of these include increased productivity, staff motivation, more environmentally friendly and greater staff motivation.  In addition, it also widens the base from which you can recruit, boosting your chances of recruiting successfully.

So the big question is – do the benefits outweigh the pitfalls?


  • More likely to retain employees as home-working assists working parents with childcare responsibilities
  • A wider recruitment area – for example disabled people who may prefer or only be able to work from home
  • Productivity increases due to fewer interruptions/distractions and a quieter atmosphere
  • No commuting time/traffic congestion causing long journeys
  • Increased staff motivation due to reduced stress and sickness levels
  • Cost savings on office space and other facilities
  • Better for the environment
  • More time with family, therefore improving work/life balance


  • Difficulties in managing and monitoring the performance of employees
  • Potential deterioration in skills and work quality resulting in difficulties to maintain staff development and upgrade skills
  • Initial set-up cost of suitable equipment (must meet health & safety standards and if applicable disabled employees’ needs) including any training costs that may be required
  • Greater risk of breaches of information/security
  • Increased costs for telecommunications
  • Possibility of communication problems which could create feelings of isolation
  • Difficulties maintaining team spirit
  • Impossible or unsuitable for certain job types

The pros and cons of working from home are clearly divided 50/50.  The best possible solution may be for employees to split time between working from home and going to work which would allow employers the ability to manage their employees along with keeping the employee happy.

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