Reforming the Law of Taxi and Private Hire Services -

Reforming the Law of Taxi and Private Hire Services

taxi for eshotA major review of taxi licensing is underway and is expected to change approaches to Criminal Record Bureau checks, badge applications, driver conduct and much more.


In England and Wales taxis and private hire vehicles (minicabs) must have permission from the local council to run their businesses and must adhere to the law and certain rules.  All individuals who run a taxi or minicab must be licensed or they are breaking the law.

Why the Need to Change Current Legislation 

  • It is currently complicated and old-fashioned
  • As technology evolves and the likes of mobile phones, internet, pedicabs, cycle taxis etc were introduced, the rules should have been re-written and not added to
  • Have national rules instead of different rules for England and Wales
  • Health and safety (safe drivers and save vehicles)
  • Disabled individuals to be able to use taxis/minicabs

Basically, it should be safer and easier for people to use a taxi or minicab and easier and fairer for people to run a taxi or minicab business.

Examples of Potential Changes

Some ideas of possible changes are listed below: 

  • Same minimum safety standards and/or rules for taxis and minicabs
  • Ensure that all councils have the same rules and safety standards for minicabs.  This would prevent drivers obtaining a licence in an area where the rules are slacker
  • Change some rules to enable better choice of company you use
  • Ensure people with disabilities can use taxis/minicabs wherever they are
  • Wedding/funeral cars to be covered by the same law
  • Local councils still to licence companies and make sure laws are abided


In summary, the Law Commission feel that a more robust licensing system is required that applies nationally to all licensing authorities.  Proposed changes will continue to be reviewed and results published towards the end of 2013.


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