Things to Bear in Mind when Recruiting an Interim Manager -

Things to Bear in Mind when Recruiting an Interim Manager

iStock_000000324378SmallChoosing the correct individual is imperative to the smooth running of a company.  Below are a few tips to bear in mind when deciding if recruiting an Interim Manager is the right step for you:

  • Can you manage without one? – If the answer to this is probably then it may not be worth the hassle.  However, ask yourself if it would lighten your workload and ease with the stresses at work.  If yes, then it’s an option you should definitely consider.
  • The right candidate – If you’re sure you need an Interim Manager then ensure they possess the correct qualities such as intelligence and extensive experience.  After all, you’ve not got the time to ‘babysit’ so they will need to hit the ground running and become decision makers from the outset.
  • Flexibility – it goes without saying that flexibility is a must for any management position.  Remember potential candidates could live a fair distance away and travelling to and from work could be so time-consuming that it causes diminished flexibility.  Also the potential for changes in hours, location or responsibilities should be considered when finding the right candidate.     
  • Reliability – the position is most likely to cover maternity leave, long-term sick or a sabbatical therefore the candidate should be dependable, loyal and could be relied upon to be on time and in work every day.  Check previous attendance, if it’s not 100% allow the candidate to explain as there could be an acceptable reason.
  • Communication – all management positions require excellent communications skills.  A potential candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate at all levels as well as being able to maintain a professional and friendly manner when dealing with concerns and issues of employees.
  • Enthusiasm – this is key when recruiting any new member of the management team.  A potential candidate displaying non-enthusiastic traits at interview could portray laziness and a willingness to cut corners.  Enthusiasm is a must for the role and the new challenges they may face.
  • Initiative/Ambition – you should be looking for an ambitious individual who can make a decision (be it the right one) in a split second.  Candidates with initiative make the best managers due to their leadership skills.
  • Negotiation/Delegation – resolving issues within a company is a large part of any manager’s role. The ability to address a problem delicately and not react rashly is a key skill. Enquire about the candidate’s previous experience and ask how they would react to various situations – this should give you an idea of their capabilities.
  • Patience – learning how a company runs then reproducing the process effectively takes time even for the greatest of managers.  Although you crave immediate productivity, give the candidate time to settle into their role and surroundings before applying too much pressure!

Recruiting for an interim manager could be a lengthy process as there is less margin for error.  To ensure you employ the right person for the job invite the top 2 or 3 back from the initial interview stage for further interrogations and assessment or go back to the drawing board.

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