A Canadian Abroad Pt 5

A Canadian Abroad Pt 5

Kristina and Windemere

Kristina in Windemere

Well, for 7 months we here at Cummins Mellor have had the pleasure of working with Kristina Loewen, our Canadian Abroad. Sadly, this week Kristina leaves us to spend her last year in England in our capital. We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing her all the best on the rest of her travels. Read her final instalment of a Canadian Abroad.

“After seven months it’s time for this Canadian to continue her journey abroad, leaving Cummins Mellor behind (for now). It’s been an incredible journey since I started with this agency; Cummins Mellor has kept me grounded, allowing me to settle down properly, yet still gave me the freedom to travel.  And what things I’ve seen!

Tenerife was one of the nicest holidays I’ve had – there are only so many places in this world where one can clamber around volcanoes – and back on English soil, I really enjoyed Morecambe Bay.  Edinburgh is one of the prettiest cities I’ve seen and meeting Robert Carlyle was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June allowed me to meet other creative artists and I’m returning to the city to volunteer at the biggest performing arts festival in the world as a production runner for the BBC.  Participating in this year’s Fringe Festival is special for me because my home city Edmonton hosts North America’s largest Fringe, so it’s exciting to be at the original.  Once the festival finishes I fly back to Canada for a quick visit, then return to London where I plan to live out the duration of my last year in the UK.

Caroline and Kristina

Kristina and our Legal Recruitment Consultant Caroline Medcalfe

There are certain things I’m going to miss about the north, especially the opportunities to explore.  The wild beauty of the countryside still calls, although the samplings of Downham, Howarth, Morecambe Bay, and Windermere have been breathtakingly satisfying.  With that being said, I really find Helmshore to be quite peaceful and everyone should go and visit the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum.

I’m going to miss the people as well; there’s a friendliness here that I’ve been told will be hard to find anywhere else. Richard and Michelle understand how important character is and have gathered a group of some of the finest people I’ve had the privilege to know.  And I will miss them. It’s impossible to spend forty hours a week with one’s colleagues and not form an attachment; everyone has been so kind and respectful that it is difficult to say goodbye, but the bags are packed and I’m on my way.

To all those who’ve read this blog: go out and explore, even if it’s some little village forty minutes away from you.  Go meet new people, plan a spontaneous trip, go see that city that you always took for granted, leap at chances even if you’re scared, and if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to try living abroad for a short time, do it.  England is a beautiful country full of amazing people and adventures around every corner if one looks hard enough.  Here’s to the next one for me… and the next one for you.”


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