Recruitment International Conference 2013 -

Recruitment International Conference 2013


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The annual Recruitment International Conference was held in Manchester on Thursday 23rd May 2013. The theme running through the event was sustainable business growth with input throughout the day coming from advisors, economists and Manchester based recruitment professionals.


A number of top speakers were present including; Denise Walker – Managing Director of Absolutely Business, Daniel Daw, Co-founder of Amoria Bond and Russell Bennett from RecruiterHub. The findings from the conference were really interesting and we have summarised the top ten points below for those of you who couldn’t attend.



1. GDP growth has exceeded expectations but the recovery, although happening, is slower than other recoveries.

2. The feel-good factor is returning.

3. Optimism is improving in the economy and sales in businesses is increasing.

4. There is likely to be a churn in people moving jobs – public sector job satisfaction is very low – and this means more people in the market and more jobs to feel.

5. Germany is still best in Europe for growth but this is slowing.  France appears to be stabilising.

6. Asia Pacific is showing good signs of recovery but Australia is lurching downwards.

7. Recruitment businesses that focus on building relationships and can access passive candidates are likely to thrive – not those who use technology etc for quick fixes (this was the view of all speakers)

8. It is becoming almost impossible to find 360-degree recruiters, so most are training people from scratch and some are splitting the functions into Account Management, BD and Resourcing, rather than trying to make people do all three.

9. People’s motivation is very different now than in previous years – it is a mistake to presume people want money over everything else.

10. Companies that properly develop their staff maximise potential in numerous ways.


Presentations will also be available to download soon from the Recruitment International Website.


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