10 Questions Quality Recruitment Consultancies Should Ask

5 years ago


Good recruitment agencies are not always easy to find.  A good quality one offers a valuable service which can save you considerable time and money.  They can source candidates that you might not have access to, screen applicants so you only see the strongest, most suitable and provide support and expertise throughout the whole recruitment and interview process through to placement.

If you decide to use a recruitment consultancy it is essential you carry out relevant research.  Below are 10 important questions that a recruitment consultancy should ask when taking your job orders.

1.  What have you done so far to recruit for this role?

Knowing how much work has already gone before and if there are already any adverts or agencies in place can help differentiate between a good or great job briefing. It also allows you to tell the consultant what methods you have already tried which have/haven’t worked. The consultant should either suggest ways to improve on these methods or try a different approach.

2.  Who else is involved in the recruitment process and what else do I need to do to involve/get the go ahead from those people?

It is important that your Consultant asks for the whole picture in terms of who they will be working with to fill this role, this way they are fully aware who to take direction from and who has the final say in the hiring process.

3.  If I called you this afternoon with the perfect candidate, when would you be able to see them and what would you need to happen to make them an offer?

Knowing how urgent your requirement is and how quickly you are able to move within the process helps your Consultant to tailor their service to best suit you and the candidate.

4.  What are you looking for in a potential candidate’s profile/CV in order to progress a candidate to interview stage?

This is a must to ensure that you won’t be bombarded with CV’s which don’t match what you’re looking for. Recruitment Consultants should ask questions to find out exactly the type of person you’re looking for and screen the CV’s accordingly, making sure only the best land in your inbox.

5.  Where did the best hire in your team come from?

Many job orders focus on specific skills or experience but sometimes the best hires actually may have an alternative background or, skill set, exploring the best hires may help create a wider or more focused brief for the Consultant.

6.  What happens if you do not hire this role within your given timeframes?

If you don’t find the right candidate within your given timeframe, your consultant may be able to offer interim support. Recruitment Consultancies often supply temporary candidates to organisations, so they have a good idea as to who would be best suited to your establishment. These types of placements could also turn into permanent positions if you are impressed with the candidate and want to keep them.

7.  What would you like this individual to have achieved in their first 3/6/12 months?

Understanding the key challenges and objectives facing any potential applicant can help the Consultant select candidates who may have achieved these previously, or who are able to deliver against exactly what you require.

8.  Why would someone want to join your business/take this role?

In addition to the ‘global brand’, ‘highly entrepreneurial environment’, ‘great pay or benefits’, why would that ‘perfect candidate’ take this job over others in the market, knowing this might help your Consultant secure that individual and their commitment.

9.  What are your expectations of me?

Knowing what you expect of them, recruiters should align their service proposition and tell you how they work differently/better than other Recruitment Consultancies.

10.  When can I call you to go through my shortlist of applicants?

Setting an agreed upon/confirmed times and dates will help build stronger, more consultative and committed relationships.


Source:  UK Recruiter

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