Meet the Team - Charlie Mellor -

Meet the Team – Charlie Mellor

IMG_1617What is your job role?

General Dogsbody/ Making the CM team smile

What is your motto/favourite saying?


Describe a perfect Sunday …

A perfect Sunday for me would be going on a long walk with my lovely owners and then having a nice snooze infront of the fire!

What has been your best moment since working at Cummins Mellor?

Probably after my operation when I came back into the office and received lots of hugs and well wishes from the lovely team.

If you weren’t an office mascot what would you be?

Probably a show dog

What’s number 1 on your bucket list?

To set up my very own dog petting room to help people around the Lancashire relieve stress

What is your favourite thing about working at Cummins Mellor?

Eating everyones lunch when they arent looking

If you could learn a new skill what would it be?

Id love to have the same skills as Pudsey but unfortunately my dancing skills arent top notch.


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