Ways to Embrace Temporary Workers -

Ways to Embrace Temporary Workers

The use of temporary workers has become more and more common in today’s flexible work environment.

Employers find it beneficial to use temporary workers to maintain productivity, as well as finding it an effective way to evaluate prospective employees firsthand.

Job seekers wishing to get their foot in the door with particular companies may also find accepting a temporary assignment ideal, as it allows them to gauge their potential new position and assess a company’s culture before deciding whether to pursue a full-time role at the organisation.

As more and more businesses rely on the use of temporary workers, we look at some ways managers can make sure they start on the right foot:

  • Before the new employee starts, managers should let their team know why they are being brought on, the type of work to be carried out by the new employee and how their contributions will help with the workload in the department;
  • Temporary employees can contribute more quickly if they know what is expected of them from day one. Give clear direction such as project details and deadlines at the start of any assignment;
  • Have a manager or staff member who thoroughly understands the scope of work being undertaken oversee the interim employee’s progress. Just as they would with permanent staff, supervisors should ensure open lines of communication to ensure the smooth running of the department;
  • Stay in touch with the temporary employee to answer questions, provide feedback and ensure the project is on track;
  • Feedback if valuable to the agency you’re using too. It helps for future assignments and lets them know how their temporary worker is performing. Stay in touch with your contact at the agency.


Source: www.businessnewsdaily.com

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