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10 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask In An Interview

You’ve just had an interview for your dream job, you think it went great, and you’re getting a positive vibe from the interviewer. Just one last hurdle; the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for me?”. The worst response you can give is “no”.  Asking questions shows you are keen and have done your research. But be careful not to come across the wrong way, steer clear of asking questions like the 10 listed below.


1) Questions related to salary or benefits

Salary negotiations, company benefits and vacation days are not normally discussed in an interview; these are normal topics for when an offer has been made.  Try and avoid these types of questions as you don’t want to come across as if you assume you have already got the job.

2) “Why” questions

These types of questions can get people on the defensive, go for a less confrontational approach.

3) Who is your competition?

A question like this could make you sound thoughtful or backfire, as it could show you have done no research on them.

4) How often do reviews occur?

This could make it seem you’re concerned how often negative feedback is given, try and avoid any questions like this.

5) May I leave early as long as I get my hours in?

A question like this may be better asked when you have had an offer, not on your first interview

6) Can I work from home?

Again, don’t ask this question on your first interview, you are trying to sell yourself, this could come across as a negative.

7) Would you like to see my references?

Offering your references too soon could show you are desperate, save these for when you get an offer.

8) How soon do you promote your employees?

If you asked this in your first interview you could come across as arrogant and that you feel you’re entitled to a promotion.

9) Do I get my own office?

Not an appropriate question for your first interview.

10) Will you monitor my social networking profiles?

This is a valid concern in today’s society but if you ask this question it could come across as if you have something to hide. Don’t post anything on social sites about the company you work for or employees, especially if they aren’t very nice things.


Source: The Daily Muse


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