A Canadian Abroad - Pt 2 -

A Canadian Abroad – Pt 2

‘Change’. It’s a word that always brought me discomfort and an idea I feared.  Last year I slowly opened up to change, letting it into my life little by little until at last I stepped onto a plane that took me to England.  Sometimes change can have positive consequences and other times negative, yet no matter what the result may be, change is necessary, bringing new perspective and opportunity.

In February my beloved dog passed away.  Millie lived a long 13 ½ years, was loved very much, and her loss was a devastating blow to my heart.  For days I felt isolated and wanted to go back to Edmonton.  How could I be away from my family when such a big change had just occurred in our lives?  It was a memory of Millie that convinced me that life would be okay, that this was just another change.

I was staring out of my window one night with Accrington below my feet, visible only in the dotted glow of ember-orange lamplight.  During a bout of grief it seemed more foreign to me than ever but when I looked up and saw the pale moon, I drew comfort in its presence.  It was easy to recall a late night walk with my dog where we paused to sit at a bench along the lake path.  The stars were twinkling but outshining them all was a magnificent moon and as I gazed at it I thought that some day I would see that same moon on the other side of the world.

It can be hard to be away from home and I’m beginning to understand why people are amazed by my journey.  Sometimes change can be controlled, sometimes it can’t.  When I left Canada I was cushioned by the love and support of my family; now I’m encouraged to continue by the people I meet here.  When I looked at that England moon and knew that it was the same one I’ve seen a hundred times before, the world didn’t seem so big.   The moment made me reflect on the person I was before I came, the person I am now, and the person I want to be.  I don’t know whom to expect at the end of this experience but I know that no matter what curveballs life throws my way, the change will have been for the better.   After all, I wouldn’t be able to learn and evolve without it. 

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