How To Start A New Job -

How To Start A New Job

“For most of us, starting a new job is an exciting prospect. But it can feel overwhelming too. A bit like your first day at school, the chances are you’ll be unsure where to go what to do and who to talk to” (Reed)

There are a handful of things you can consider doing to help make sure your first few days and weeks run as smoothly as possible.

Step 1: Get to know the team

By making an effort to fit into your new team and showing enthusiasm about your new role, your colleagues will be more open and welcoming to you. During your first week, you should try and spend some time with your co-workers and get to know them.  You could ask them questions like: how long have you worked here? What does your job entail? Where have you worked in the past?

If social events are arranged like drinks after work or staff parties, try your best to attend as this is a great way of bonding with your team.

Step 2: Being thrown in at the deep end or taking it slow

This will depend on the company you are going to be working for, as they will have their own idea of how to introduce a new member of staff into the team.  You will  have an idea of the work you will be doing as you have already gone through the interview process.

Some companies may ease you in gently with induction training where other companies may set you objectives and targets straight away.  Whichever method is chosen try your best to avoid complaining.

Step 3: Probationary periods

Probationary periods vary between companies, some use this time training you up and easing you into the job and of course to see if you are up to the job.  Within this time get to know your role, what is expected from you and get to know your team.  If you have any issues you should address them within this time frame. After this period it’s good to sit down with your manager and set new objectives and arrange more training if required.


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