Cummins Mellor from a Canadian's Point of View -

Cummins Mellor from a Canadian’s Point of View


Kristina Loewen is a Canadian international working here at Cummins Mellor Recruitment, she moved over to England in October 2012. We thought we should share her first impression of Cummins Mellor with you. Here’s an email she sent home to her family all the way back in Canada when she first started working with us;

“From the exterior, Cummins Mellor is a stone house splashed with pink signage that makes it cry for attention from passerby.  I questioned the choice of colour early on; it’s vibrant, noticeable, cheerful, and relaxed – it’s everything that Cummins Mellor should be and as far as I can tell, is.

The interior is crisply decorated with a modern flare, making it uniquely chic in a town that’s seen better days.  Walls are lined with photos of employees and though they reflect a professional nature, there’s still something familiar about it; perhaps it’s the photograph of the Mellors’ dog, Charlie that adds a homey touch.

Engaging outside of work is encouraged, corporate challenges are supported, and a sense of community within the work environment is promoted; the kitchen is full of personal photos and a massive Robert Frost poem takes up an entire wall.  A lot of effort has gone into creating an atmosphere where moral will be high but it’s the people within that truly bring this notion to light.

I have never felt part of a team so fast, welcomed so warmly, and though its only been one week, I feel like I’ve worked here for years. What can make leaving home so difficult is that in a completely new place, one has nothing to bond to when they arrive; I had no family, no circle of friends, and the only taste of food that makes me feel like I’m my own neighbourhood is McDonald’s French Fries.  Now I feel included and wanted, like I’m treated as an equal and a friend.

There’s something magical here; I don’t know what it is yet but I know it feels right.  At one point, Cummins Mellor was just an office I applied to work in; now it’s a place where I can make friends, develop new skills, and find a sense of normality by being back at work again.  I’ve been really excited to discover England’s hidden treasures, but little did I know there was an entire trove waiting for me behind a pink sign.”

Kristina Loewen


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