Big Changes in the Lancashire Legal Market Place -

Big Changes in the Lancashire Legal Market Place

2013 seems set to be a year of change for the legal profession with the introduction of fixed fees and the ban on referral fees looking to affect the Personal Injury market in particular.


The Ministry of Justice wants to cut fixed recoverable costs for claims up to £10,000 through the RTA Portal from £1,200 to £500. For claims valued up to £25,000, fixed costs will be set at £800.

Solicitors running public liability or employer liability claims will be able to recover £900 costs for cases up to £10,000 and £1,600 when the case is worth up to £25,000. The new costs are likely to come into force when the RTA Portal is extended in April of this year.

The government believes solicitors can offset the smaller income by not paying referral fees, which will be banned from next April.

Personal Injury firms abound in Lancashire, is this the end of the PI boom?  Will Solicitors firms be able to afford to continue to undertake Personal Injury work? I approached the New Year with a fair amount of trepidation, like most Legal Recruitment Consultants in Lancashire Personal Injury vacancies make up a lot of my workload.  I have been pleasantly surprised to find that in the first few weeks of 2013, RTA and Personal Injury firms are still recruiting.  Certainly, RTA and PI Paralegals are very much in demand. Whether this continues past April remains to be seen.

The industry is adapting to the proposed changes. Personal Injury firms are expanding into other areas of law and diversifying. This can only be a good thing for the local legal job market. Family, Conveyancing and Industrial Disease Lawyers (especially NIHL) are certainly in demand.  The ban on referral fees means that law firms now must be proactive in advertising and promoting their services, we have seen an increased demand for marketing and SEO professionals to work in the legal sector.

So, a year of change ahead but for the moment the Lancashire legal job market remains buoyant.

Caroline Medcalfe East Lancashire Legal Recrutiment ConsultantCaroline Medcalfe

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