How to resign? -

How to resign?

You’ve wanted to leave your job for ages, after numerous applications and interviews you have secured your dream new role, so how do you handle the thorny issue of leaving your current employer?

Whatever you do and however tempted you are to be completely honest and tell your boss exactly what you think of him and the job, stay professional!  You never know when former employers and colleagues could prove useful contacts throughout your career, even as potential clients or employers.

So, prepare a letter of resignation which covers only the basic details of your resignation, the position from which you are resigning and your intended leaving date.  Stay positive and do not get personal in the letter, you may have the chance to sit down with your Manager or HR in order to deliver constructive criticism explaining your reason for leaving in person.

What if your employer tries to tempt you to stay?  Be prepared, employers often use the counter-offer to buy themselves time to replace you. In fact, statistics show that those that offer resignation and then accept counter offers often leave 9 months later.  Just keep in mind that it took the threat of leaving for your boss to finally offer to pay what you are worth or remedy any issues you were having, will you be now be thought of as “the one who nearly left”?

If you have no period of notice stipulated in your contract of employment then you should allow between 2 weeks and 1 month. Helping your successor with a smooth handover will also cement good relations, especially if you are looking to leave earlier than your stipulated notice period.  Remember the need for referees!



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