Under the Skin with ... Richard Mellor -

Under the Skin with … Richard Mellor

Richard Mellor is the Managing Director of Cummins Mellor Recruitment. We go “under the skin” to find out more …

What was your 1st ever part time job and the pay?

Fence Gate Restaurant as a commis chef on £2 a night!

What was your 1st ever full-time job and the pay?

Midland Catering £50/week

Who is/was your best ever boss and why?

Kim Hibbert at Compass services, he came in got on with it and then talked to you about football!

If you were PM for the day, what law would you introduce?

Prison for dropping litter

What is your greatest business achievement?

Managing Cummins Mellor through the Credit Crunch in 2008, we’re still here.

What is your biggest business regret?

Not trusting myself enough to go it alone sooner.

What is your most revealing recruitment question?

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Who was your best ever recruitment hire?

June Crossley, Manager of my our Chefs Division in 1993

What is your favourite hobby/sport?


What is your favourite book?

Birdsong by Sebastion Faulks

Tell us something not many people know about you.

I’ve ridden across Scotland on a horse.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Articulate your vision so people know where they’re going and when they’ve got there.

What is your best piece of business advice?

Cash is King – Get paid!

Which famous people have you met?

I walked round a golf tournament with John Parrot a couple of years ago – nice bloke.

Who plays the most influential role in your life?

Michelle, my wife.

What is your biggest personal achievement?

Providing for my family

What is your hidden talent?

I used to be brilliant at Keepy Uppy.(250 was my record)


Richard set up Cummins Mellor Recruitment in 1990. Read his story here.

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