The Queens Diamond Jubilee and The Hospitality Industry -

The Queens Diamond Jubilee and The Hospitality Industry

This weekend the nation will see a monumental occasion- The Queens celebration of the Diamond Jubilee. With events, activities and celebrations being carried out all over the country, the hospitality industry will be extremely busy and may be in demand of your relief chef skills! Gives us a call on 01254 355666 if you are a relief chef looking for work and we shall register you.

History of the Jubilee…

  • George VI passed in 1952, and Elizabeth II became Queen Elizabeth II
  • The Silver Jubilee was in 1977
  • The Diamond jubilee is over the weekend of the 2nd– 5th June 2012

For all you food lovers out there did you know the Original coronation banquet menu? Well, here it is….

Consommé Royale (chicken consommé garnished with cubes of royale)

  • Fillet de boeuf mascotte (fillet of beef garnished with quartered artichokes tossed in butter with cocotte potatoes and slices of truffles)
  • Salade (salad)
  • Glace a la mangue (mango ice cream)

The Queen is famous for her street parties, the Queen’s favourite foods are:-

  • Roast beef
  • Scones
  • Cucumber sandwiches
  • Dundee cake with tea

So get in contact if you’re looking for relief chef work, we all hope you have an excellent bank holiday and enjoy the festivals.

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