The Benefits of Being an Agency Chef -

The Benefits of Being an Agency Chef

If you are contemplating becoming an agency chef it may be useful to consider some of the benefits.  Many chefs leave the industry due to the unsociable hours and pressure within the kitchen environment.

Perhaps being an agency chef would be a suitable compromise in the quest for a more balanced lifestyle.  When I ask my agency chefs what they enjoy most about being on the relief circuit, they tell me it is an opportunity to work in a variety of kitchens and take time off whenever it suits.

Relief chefs can work on contracts from a few days to a few months and can accept or decline an assignment based on their own needs. Cummins Mellor Recruitment is one of the best-established Chef agencies in the country with a wide range of clients requiring agency chef cover throughout the year.  We value our relief chefs and many of our team have been with us for years.  We keep in constant contact and give detailed information on all assignments so the agency chef is clear as to what is expected of him at each venue.  As an agency chef, you would also be paid by the hour and be fully rewarded if you are asked to work long hours. Agency chef work can also be useful if you are between jobs and many of my relief chefs have also been offered permanent roles whilst working as a relief chef.  It gives the client and chef an opportunity to access suitability for a permanent role whilst undertaking the temporary assignment.

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