Does being over 50 mean being on the scrap heap in terms of recruitment? -

Does being over 50 mean being on the scrap heap in terms of recruitment?

Last week, Caroline Medcalfe- Recruitment Consultant at Cummins Mellor Recruitment, joined Brett Davison (sitting in for Ted Robbins)  on BBC Radio Lancashire……


Not at Cummins Mellor, it doesn’t and that is why I was invited onto Radio Lancashire on 18th April to discuss the issue with a gentleman who had contacted the radio station, frustrated at the lack of fruit his job search was bearing.

John had lost his job due to redundancy 18 months ago and was finding distinct signs that his age was going against him with employers and recruiters alike.   John was understandably getting increasingly disillusioned by the recruitment process and his chances of securing a new role. Keen to work and with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills this seems like such a waste of talent.

At Cummins Mellor, we treat people as individuals and realise that candidates of every age have something to offer. All of our Consultants take the REC examinations and learn that discrimination on any grounds, whether age, sex, race, religion or disability is illegal. We make sure that we place the most suitable candidates for the role forward for vacancies, based on their ability to perform the job role. To highlight this, in the past few months, we have placed a 57-year accountant and a 59-year-old Legal Executive into new, permanent roles.

We will all be working longer due to recent legislation and the downturn affecting pensions, employers and recruiters will need to realise that someone in their late 50s is not going to be retiring in the next 2 years and that they can prove to be of great benefit to their business.

What can candidates do to make themselves look more attractive on their CV in order to get to interview stage?

  • Firstly, take your age/date of birth and dates of schooling off your CV. It is not required by law.
  • Make sure that your CV shows exactly what you can do, this is your time to showcase your skills and experience to gain that all important interview. Please give details about exactly what you have done.
  • Tailor your covering letter, answering why you fit each part of the job description and why you would be right for the role.
  • If you are out of work, consider taking temporary work to expand your skills and keep your CV current.

A good Recruitment Consultancy can advise you on CV and interview preparation and will work with you to make sure that you secure the right role for you, whatever your age.

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