Michelle Discusses Do Women Makes Better Bosses? -

Michelle Discusses Do Women Makes Better Bosses?

Michelle Mellor – Operations Director of Cummins Mellor Recruitment Spoke on BBC Radio Lancashire this morning to comment on Women in Business.Michelle Circle 2

A recent study has declared that women are more effective leaders in the current economic conditions, take less risk and are more logical.

Michelle was asked to comment on this as a woman in business and stayed true to her belief that there are good and bad managers/leaders in every organisation and gender makes no difference. A good leader with the best leadership qualities operates in the same way whether they are in a difficult or buoyant time. True leaders are clear about their vision, communicate this to their workforce, allows them the space and autonomy to execute their role and lets them know if they are on track or not. Everything and everyone matters in any organisation and creating a winning mindset so that people can be the best they can be is what matters, gender plays no part.

Details of the Original study

A study completed by occupational psychologists Geoff Trickey and So Yi Yeung of Psychological Consultancy Ltd. Findings will be presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual occupational psychology conference in Chester. 

  •  The leadership style of women is more effective in the current economic conditions facing the UK
  • Different styles between the male and female personality, suggests that risk-taking is influenced by gender
  • Women are more than twice as likely to be wary or prudent, while men are twice as likely to be adventurous and carefree
  • The researchers said the findings suggested that risk-taking must be a “distinctive feature” of gender, adding that it offered a likely explanation for the differences in female and male leadership styles.
  • They added that the study provided more evidence that the typical leadership style of women is more effective in the present economic climate
  • The study was done among 2,000 workers in more than 20 occupations ranging from firefighting to accountancy

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