Top 10 Tips for Interview Preparation -

Top 10 Tips for Interview Preparation

Caroline Medcalfe, one of our recruitment experts gives 10 top tips for interview preparation.

So, you have secured that elusive interview, now make sure that you secure the job!

  • Without a doubt, the key to a successful interview is preparation. As soon as the interview is arranged, start thinking about your potential new employer, your aspirations and any questions you would like to ask.


  • Check that you know the exact location of the interview, the best way of getting there and the estimated travel time, add an extra 10/15minutes to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.


  • Make sure that you know who will be interviewing you, what position they hold and the likely form that the interview will take.


  • Read through your CV, this will likely form the basis of the interview so make sure you can swiftly answer any questions arising from your resume.


  • Research your prospective new employer; start with their website, read up on the types of work and clients that they deal with. A lot of firms have archived press releases and articles which are very useful. Check the trade press and any business pages.


  • Find out as much as you can about the department in which the vacancy exists and make sure you are familiar with the full job specification.


  • It has often been said that impressions of people are formed within the first few minutes of meeting and that they rarely change either for the better or worse. With this in mind, pay special attention to your appearance. Wear your smartest suit, polish your shoes and smile. Leave your right hand free for handshakes.


  • Some believe that a firm handshake is very important in the business world. Ensure you shake hands with your interviewer firmly.


  • Good timekeeping is essential, it is far better to be early rather than late. On arriving at reception make sure that you are polite and friendly to the receptionist, if you have time, read any files about the firm that are on show. Ensure that you know the names of the interviewers.


  • Remember that this is your chance to showcase yourself. Show off your knowledge of the firm and your enthusiasm. Maintain eye contact with the interviewers and smile, give succinct (but not too brief!)  answers to any questions.

Good Luck!

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Caroline Medcalfe is a recruitment consultant specialising in Legal Recruitment and IT recruitment in East Lancashire. Contact her on 01254 355650 or email

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