Michelle Cycles from V to C (Vietnam to Cambodia) -

Michelle Cycles from V to C (Vietnam to Cambodia)

Michelle Mellor, Director of Cummins Mellor Recruitment, has flown off to Vietnam to embark on a massive challenge.

Michelle and Jacky raising funds for Rosemere Cancer Foundation by completing a run around Witton Park

She will be cycling 400miles from Vietnam to Cambodia with her friend Jacky Godfrey to raise much-needed funds for Rosemere Cancer Foundation in memory of her friend Ian Godfrey who lost his battle with Prostate Cancer in July 2010. If you would like to donate please do so here http://www.justgiving.com/Michelle-Mellor1

We will be documenting her journey with Photos and Updates that are coming in live from Michelle, so keep checking back to see how she is getting on….

Day One- Friday 18th November 2011

Vietnam- Day One

”First day arrived at 7am UK time 2pm Vietnam time at Hotel Duy in downtown Saigon, its 32 degrees 8 million mopeds,organised chaos and very humid oh and we have had no sleep!! Just off 4 debrief on cycle days which start tomorrow! Feeling good even with bloodshot eyes and barking cough!

Love Michelle and Jacky xxxxx”





Day Two- Saturday 19th November 2011

Morning- ”Had great sleep and feeling more refreshed. This is the view from breakfast,had huge one ready for our ride of 60k down the Mekong Delta today its very hot and sunny, 32 degrees,lots of fluids needed!!! Michelle”

Evening- ”80km today-jetlag wearing off feeling more normal! Spent the night in an interesting hotel we cycled in off the street literally and left our bikes parked in the lobby we are in a one horse town in Tra Vinh and locals never seen westerners they keep staring at us! Had brilliant cycle yesterday through lush green villages lots of locals waving to us,all the children shout HELLO as you cycle passed all happy smiling. Had to catch a couple of ferries, crocodiles in the river so was warned to keep hands in the boat! We also negotiated a few roads, the traffic is organised chaos with anything you can think off being transported on a motorbike from pigs and geese to sheets of glass oh and we saw toddlers upright in between parents, a family of 5 all on a honda waving at us-amazing! Have decided to turn veggie as meat very often hanging in the street at 30 degrees c!! Health and safety no go! Michelle”

Day 3- Sunday 20th November 2011

Had an amazing day, completed 80k through paddy fields and paths through the Mekong, so lush and green lots of locals working very hard and will never look at a bowl of rice again in quite the same way! Also cycled through a few towns stopping for lots of fuel and water- it’s so hot! Now in Cam tho city by the river finishing dinner as have to be up at 5.15 to complete 95k tomorrow! Bum holding up well and my cough is getting better thank god! Hotels are good as is food and the culture is amazing to see such a busy place in the cities- 8 million people in Saigon and all on hondas! The picture is our ferry driver as we crossed the river after lunch, she was so chilled out! Night need to rest my legs and backside. Michelle”





Day 4- Monday 21st November 2011

‘Just finished 98k in the saddle for 6.5 hrs and lovely scenery again. When we ride through the villages we look like the peloton in the tour de France and all the locals come out of their river houses to cheer us on amazing! Just off for hot bath and dinner. We transfer to Cambodia tomorrow a short day then another 90k on wed. Really enjoying the country and cycling and. getting fitter by the day-a few bruises from the pedals and chain and the obvious sore bum but all good… Lots of love Michelle and Jacky xx”




Day 5- Tuesday 22nd November 2011

”6.15am – Good Morning Vietnam-actually its goodbye Vietnam (in the town of Chau Doc) as we board the boat for Cambodia, its a rest day and good to don normal clothes and ditch the cycling gear for a day-(oh my the washing will be horrendous when we get back!)! We continue our journey up the Mekong and then the Bassac river to Phnom Penh… We need a visa to enter so have that to sort on arrival at the border, then  I believe we visit the Tuol Sleng genocide museum and one of the killing fields of Cambodia at Choeung Ek -think will be quite sad but I am sure a reminder of the countries troubled past. Very dehydrated on wake up consumed 2 litres of water before breakfast of omelette and rice. Legs and bum good, need the plaster sunscreen as very very hot. The boat trip amazing and very beautiful. Jacky looks gorgeous in summer clothes and feeling funky for tomorrow’s 90k! Michelle and Jacky xxx”


”It’s 6.30pm and thought I would send you a happy picture of us buying a coke from the local shopkeeper as just been to the genocide museum and a killing field which was horrific and harrowing. Amazing to see Mr Chum Manh there handing out his book to visitors,he is one of the only two surviving witnesses at the Pol Pot trial and was held captive in the prison here for 4 yrs. The trial is currently taking place in Cambodia and its all over the world news at the moment! Phnom Penh is bustling and busy, busy lots of people, traffic and  more cars here than in Vietnam (as well as motorbikes) – Lexus very popular Richard!  Children running around streets with no shoes on and trucks of people being ferried around all crammed in!!  Also, Jack forgot to mention huge french influence in both Vietnam and Cambodia as there are many bakeries and the baguette is everywhere! Much hotter, fear 90k bike ride will be a real challenge tomorrow out for dinner then bed, an early start 6.30am! Goodnight and wishing you all a great Tuesday! X”


Day 6- 23rd November 2011

”6.30am ready to go our 90k had good sleep, weird dreams(think it must be side effects of malaria tablets) and roasting-factor 50 on today-total block!. Wish we could stay longer in PP as it’s a beautiful city, buildings are amazing to see. Lots of shops but no time to buy,have to keep remembering we are on a challenge!!  15 million people in Cambodia,90% Buddhism religion and all smiling-such lovely,lovely people… lots of road today- we are off. See you later. Mx”



”OMG the hardest day of the trip 89k and we are soo tired and dusty from cycling on mostly roads all day with a strong head wind. We have arrived at Kampong Thom where the local delicacy is garlic sauteed tarantula!! Started this morning passing the royal palace all along the city waterfront of Phnom Penh, it was amazing. Traffic very busy and we had to just go with the flow. No stopping! We cycled through the countryside on leaving the city, very pretty, almost french colonial style feel. We passed lotus ponds, rice fields and fish farms. Lunch was at Oudong Mountain and yes we climbed it. It was very beautiful,an ancient royal temple and stupas with the most amazing views from the top. We the pushed north crossing the Tonle Sap River seeing cashew nut plantations along the way, we also saw water buffalo- 3 of them walking down the road and a little girl riding one of them. All the money everyone has generously donated kept us going today as it was very tough in parts. Off for a hot bath and supper before bed and 70k tomorrow. Lots of love a very tired and emotional M and J xxxx

Day 7- Thursday 24th November 2011

”Kampong Thom to Angkor Wat.    Today we cycle passed one of the oldest bridges in Cambodia- Kampong Kdei, 800yrs old. Lunch at Bakong Pagoda in Rolous,an ancient monastery and looking forward to seeing Angkor,a very spiritual city.. Not good today as have pulled a muscle in my left side(nurse says I have strained intercostal muscle) due to coughing so fiercely for a week. Am being dosed up drugs and creams so I can take part today although its tough to sit on bike and cough and hurts to breath Will have to see how I get on! Sleeping arrangements interesting last night-terrible hotel with rock hard beds-not very nice! Food ok although we are getting a bit sick of rice and broth in a stockpot(this way of cooking kills all the bugs) -would pay many dollars for a good old Cheese and onion pie or sausage and mash right now!! 66k to do so better be off- ouch just sitting in saddle and it hurts!  photo of temple at Oudong Mountain Mx”


Day 8- 25th November 2011

”Arrived Siem Reep amazing place and officially crossed the finish line completing our challenge which is an awesome feeling! Very tough but we did it and are all really delighted. Had the best sleep last night booked room service and massage to celebrate.. Now looking round Anghor Wat -stunning,cannot quite believe we have done it and in this heat but we have-celebration dinner tonight which the whole party and I am sure a few beers! Happy Friday love M and J xxxx”






Michelle and Jacky have completed the 400 miles bike ride from Vietnam to Cambodia – Congratulations on an amazing achievement, and raising a lot of money for a very worth while charity, Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

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