There is hope for LLB/LPC graduates! -

There is hope for LLB/LPC graduates!

Caroline Medcalfe, Legal Recruitment Consultant at Cummins Mellor based in Lancashire gives her expert opinion on LLB/LPC graduates looking for their first paralegal role…..


There is hope for LLB/LPC graduates looking for their first Legal role!

I am often approached by LLB/LPC graduates with no legal work experience looking for their first paralegal role.  My response is always that you WILL find paralegal roles, but that I cannot help place you into them.  The unfortunate reality is that very few Law firms will use an agency to recruit for trainee roles when they are inundated with direct applications.

So, what can you do?

1. Network

Use any existing contacts you have to find vacancies; your friends, relatives anyone.

2. Make speculative applications:

Look at, put your postcode in the relevant box and the closest 50 law firms in your area will be listed, along with contact details and websites.  

3. Check your college of law’s noticeboard:

Lots of firms are advertising directly at colleges in order to recruit law/LPC graduates. Your tutors will know of firms in the area who recruit for graduate paralegal roles.

4. LLB Graduates:

Consider the ILEX route, your degree will count towards the ILEX qualification, you will be studying in your own time and most ILEX colleges have great links with local law firms to aid in your job search.  Once you have qualified through ILEX you can take your LPC and become a Solicitor should you wish to.

5. Unpaid Work Experience- beware

I am increasingly coming across graduates who have been undertaking unpaid work experience, often for some months. Please beware of this route, it is obviously of benefit to the firm but I have yet to meet anyone who has been taken on permanently via this route.

6. Keep trying

There are firms who will use your legal knowledge and academic achievement to date, they may not be in the areas of law that you ultimately wish to work in, but they are out there.

On a final note, in any interview do not mention that you want a Training Contract, the interviewer knows this, you know this but for some reason mentioning this desire to complete your training mostly will signal the end of the interview!


Caroline Medcalfe is a recruitment consultant who specialises in Legal Recruitment. If you would like to contact Caroline, please email

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