Benefits of Using Temporary Staff

6 years ago

We often hear negative views on temporary workers and think how misguided we are in Britain by the people around us, mainly the media, without really ever knowing the facts.

According to the latest figures from the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (CIETT), the UK has the highest number of temporary workers in Europe, with over 1.3 million temps working in the UK; that’s around 5% of the UK workforce, and in today’s economic climate they can be found in audit offices as well as the shop floor or in your local restaurant. This highlights the importance of temporary staff within Britain and just how much we rely upon that “quick fix”.


So why should companies that don’t use temporary staff reconsider their options?

1.     It enables your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations such as:

  • Employee absences:  illness, holidays, maternity, sudden departure
  • Unexpected or temporary demands:  special projects, seasonal or peak periods, employee shortages

2.     It can save you time and money

  • The cost of hiring temp workers is often cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits.  In the short term, it is generally more cost-efficient to hire a temp

3.  It enables you to evaluate a worker without commitment

  • Based on your evaluation or preferences, you can employ a temp for a designated short term or, if desired, offer a full-time position to a worker who suits your business
  • Hiring a temp can also be a good way to continue getting work done while you search for the perfect permanent candidate for a particular job
  • If unsatisfied with a temp’s work performance, all you need do is contact the temp agency and they will take care of the rest

4.     Maintains staffing flexibility

  • With the popularity and staying power of flexible work arrangements, employers need to stay current with the needs of today’s workforce. Temporary work is just one of the ways that businesses can offer flexibility and at the same time better meet their own needs

5.     Temporary employees can provide specialised skills to your business

  • Today temporary workers increasingly include highly skilled individuals with a wide range of educational backgrounds and work experience.  These individuals can tackle critical one-time projects that are limited in time and scope


So not all is doom and gloom! The hiring of temporary staff has many plus points and could be extremely beneficial to your company… what are you waiting for?

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