CMR feature as a case study for Regenerate Pennine Lancashire -

CMR feature as a case study for Regenerate Pennine Lancashire

The Directors of Cummins mellor Recruitment

Directors Michelle and Richard Mellor

Excerpt from Regenerate Pennine Lancashire news:

The Directors of Cummins Mellor approached Regenerate Pennine Lancashire because of the opportunity to grow Personnel Checks and to improve their administrative processes and systems.  Their administration process was paper based; labour intensive and very time consuming for staff. 

The company worked closely with Regenerate to ensure that they had clearly defined processes and could brief potential developers to tender for the project.  Regenerate supported the client to evaluate developer proposals and ensure that the chosen solution was fit for purpose and giving value. 

With the project defined Cummins Mellor were helped to obtain Finance for Growth grant totalling £14,000.  This has enabled the company to implement the system that provides a simplified and much more user-friendly process for both administrators and clients and directly connects to the CRB process.  Internal time released by this efficiency has enabled more sales activity and has increased the revenue potential of their staff.

Regenerate Pennine Lancashire case study

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